Thursday, September 18, 2008

Todd's Proposal

My friends Helena and Todd are getting married and she shared these very cute photos as a recap of how Todd proposed. They live in a house near Atwater Village and they go walking along the Los Angeles River quite often. Add a little graffiti and you've got a cute, urban love story!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clay Flowers

Another wonderful Esty seller (dkdesign) that blows my mind. Don't these delicate clay flowers create something special--and something that could easily become an heirloom in time?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wedding CD

Here are the songs we used on our wedding cd that we gave to all of our guests.

Hey, Good Lookin' 2:55 Hank Williams Gold

Green, Green Rocky Road 3:42 Dave Van Ronk ...And The Tin Pan Bended,
And The Story Ended... [Live]

Yo Pregunto 2:54 Los Guaraguao Las Casas De Carton

In Christ There Is No East Or West 2:46 John Fahey The Legend Of Blind
Joe Death

Ain't Done Nothing If You Ain't Been Called A Red (Live:1984, Chicago,
IL, Holstein's on North Lincoln-Aug. 31, 1984) 3:41 Faith Petric, Mark
Ross Rebel Voices - Songs Of The Industrial Workers Of The World

Do Re Mi 2:36 Woody Guthrie Dust Bowl Ballads

Pancho And Lefty 4:48 Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard The Essential
Willie Nelson

Beds Are Burning 4:18 Midnight Oil 20,000 Watts R.S.L.: Greatest
Hits Alternative

Deep In The Heart Of Texas 2:11 Bob Wills

Freight Train 2:46 Elizabeth Cotten Freight Train And Other North
Carolina Folk Songs And Tunes

Who Killed Cock Robin? 4:08 Charlie Parr Who Killed Cock Robin? Soundtrack

Blind Willie Johnson - Dark was the night, cold was the ground 3:21

Shady Grove 2:59 Doc Watson The Essential Doc Watson

Monday, April 30, 2007

Stop date

On my last post to my Wedding Research Club (see post below), I asked them about which photoback drop I should make. I'll post about that later.


My Aunt Kathy recommended that I set a stop date for wedding ideas and wedding projects. She said that I should spend the last few weeks before the wedding focusing on the relationship between Dylan and myself. It doesn't sound like a bad idea, because I would really like to finish everything this month and just deal with little leftover details for the days of June. So I'm setting my date now:
1. Stop Idea Day (I can't add any more DIY projects after this date): May 15th
2. Stop Wedding Projects Day (I will be done): May 30th

My fingers are crossed that I'm able to do this! Is this crazy? Would you do this? Is this a pipe dream?

Wedding Research Club

My mom, aunts, and some of my good friends live far away. I was trying to think of a way to incorporate their input into the wedding without driving me crazy (specifically my mom and aunts). I got a list of the aunts and friends I know who are very interested in my wedding. I wrote them a very nice e-mail asking that they be part of the “wedding research club.” Ever so often, I send them out either an update or a question. I planned to do most posts, but I never had that many questions. Still, when I really didn't know what to do, it was great to know I could always as these wonderful friends and family.

The response has been wonderful. One aunt prints out the options and takes them to my grandmother and gets her opinion. It has also been helpful in keeping people excited about the wedding and feeling like they have a part in it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I had a dilemma. All the tables that my venue are bistro tables. The tablecloths are maroon. The venues is pretty dark. There isn't enough room on the tables for flowers and votive candles. So, I decided to go with candles, candles, and more candles.

My tables will have the maroon tableclothes. I bought 50 chartreuse paper napkins from IKEA (50 for $2). I opened up the napkins and laid them flat. I will use them as a sort of table runner to break up the maroon.

I then made my centerpieces. I got the inspiration from this Knottie Planning Bio. She has a great "how to" for her table numbers. She kept her IKEA frames in natural wood. I spray painted mine black. I decided to make each centerpiece reflect different aspects of our lives: our favorite sports teams, T.V. shows, etc. I made 23 centerpieces and numbered each one at the top. I then made a quiz that I put in the back of our wedding program, asking our guests how well they know us. If they need hints, they can go find the centerpiece with the corresponding number. This should also encourage some mingling between guests.

Here are some bad pictures of my a couple finished centerpieces:
Yes, we are Buffy fans!

I bought 72 glass votive holders and 72 white votive candles from

Don't forget to buy a lighter if you are setting up your site with just you and friends.

VELLUM: $22.21
LIGHTER: $2.50

TOTAL: $150.87

Bathroom Baskets

I know, I know - this is yet another place where I could have saved some money. But I was in the middle of my "just engaged raged" and I wanted to do something. I didn't have the venue tied down, so I decided to do my bathroom baskets and I went crazy. Luckily, I got most of the things at my local dollar store or I had somethings already around the house.

I got a scented candle, a paper tray with mints, and liquid hand soap for each bathroom.

Women's bathroom basket:

moist toweletts
Benadryl Allergy
hotel lotion samples
bobbie pins
Shout Portable Wipes
lint Brush
cotton balls/cotton swabs
hotel sewing kit
clear nail polish
pen & paper
Ponds exfoliating pads
nail file
nail glue
first aid kit
safety pins


Men's Bathroom Basket:
Benadryl Allergy
hotel lotion samples
Shout Portable Wipes
lint Brush
cotton balls/cotton swabs
hotel sewing kit
pen & paper
Ponds exfoliating pads
nail file
first aid kit
safety pins